REMMIE by Riley is not just about looking and feeling your best.

It is also about making sure we’re doing our part for the planet.


Millions of dolphins, sea turtles, whales, seals and other marine life are harmed by ocean plastic pollution, every year. Lost or discarded fishing gear makes up 10% of the estimated 8 million tons. 


Thats why we use ECONYL® yarn, made from repurposed and recycled fishing nets. This fabric was specifically chosen because of its sustainability credentials coupled with its luxurious feel. By using this recycled material, we help clean our oceans and recycle waste.


ECONYL® has been supporting the Healthy Seas initiative since 2013 and have contributed to the collection of over 510 tonnes of fishing nets - the equivalent in weight to 4 blue whales, the largest mammals on earth. In 2019 alone Healthy Seas collected 57,200 kg of fishing nets. 
We have worked to make REMMIE By Riley as sustainable as possible: Thats why all deliveries are sent in biodegradable post bags.

Our China factory uses an additive called D2W in these bags, which makes ordinary plastic bags biodegradable. This is developed Symphony, a UK company. 

You will find your items in biodegradable poly bags, that can be re used and you won't find any single use items such as swing tags. 

We want you to feel extra good about your REMMIE by Riley purchase. 
We care about our planet. We will continue to do our part by researching new ways to keep our products as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, while looking good too.